With in-depth research on China’s future economic and social transformation, and deep understanding on China’s social and environmental pain points, Ehong Capital primarily invests in Mainland China and focuses on impact-driven enterprises at fast-growth-stage mainly in Energy & Environmental Protection, Health & Eldercare, Quality Education and Inclusive Finance, especially the ones with innovative spirit and entrepreneurship.


Ehong Capital upholds the principle of equal emphasis on both financial return and social benefits. Sectors and investment foci are selected primarily based on the analysis of China’s social and environmental pain points.  Meanwhile as an impact fund, we work together with our portfolios in setting, testing and improving, and measuring their impact at all stages including pre-investment, post-investment and exit.

Sector-based Social and Environmental Targets (Investment Considerations)


Ehong Capital provides value-added services to support the healthy growth of our portfolios

  • Advise on re-position of company strategy, business development plan, and critical decisions
  • Guide impact measurement and management, goal setting, testing and improving, and measuring
  • Help improve corporate governance, build innovative system
  • Help improve company’s operation and management system, increase profitability
  • Help recruit key talents
  • Help integrate resources needed during company’s growth
  • Support company to expand its strategic partnership network, introducing other institutional investors to provide company with more financing choices; provide solid support in company’s restructuring, reforming, merger & acquisition, IPO and refinancing, ect.


Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Services

Zhejiang Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Services is a medical franchise providing nursing home services for semi-disabled and disabled elderly. Lvkang now has 17 institutions with more than …

Shenzhen Powers Education​

Shenzhen Powers Education Group (hereinafter as “Powers”) is an institution that provides cognitive training, family education guidance and psychological counselling for children …

CN Science and Technology

Shanghai CN Science and Technology is a high-tech company that turns solid waste and hazardous waste into recyclable materials. The company uses self-developed technologies …

Qiangying Duck Farm Group

Anhui Qiangying Duck Farm Group  is a national leading Peking duck farm company with vertical integrated production including ducklings hatching, scale breeding, feed production …